Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kaden James 5 Months

Kaden James 

5 Months

18 weeks
It is very easy for you to roll from your tummy to your back and you do it a lot, even during middle of night.  Which results in Mommy having to go into your room and roll you back over because you start playing/talking if you're lying on your back. 
You've started gnawing on your fingers, which I believe is due to teething.
You love to look at lights, tvs, and fans
You've gotten really good at grabbing toys now, like Drake (your carseat hanging toy)
At this point you prefer to sit up and are much happier when you do this, as opposed to laying down
We've discovered that you are not a fan of sleeping in car seat.  Which makes it a little bit harder to go out into town and do things in the morning with big brother because you need to be sleeping.  But instead of sleeping in your carseat it just results in a cranky Kaden.
You think Kipton is funny and recognize his voice now too
You went to your first baseball game this week at Poppys field

19 weeks
You took your first Beach trip this week.  You did so good on the way day and only got upset a couple of times and that is because you hate sleeping in the car seat.  You seemed to enjoy the beach and being outside.  You even took your morning naps out there so Mommy could play with Kipton.  Your not a fan of the bright sunshine and preferred to keep on a hat and sunglasses the whole time.
-Once again, I cannot stress enough how much you love to talk and smile.  Such a sweet, happy baby!
-We tried cereal this week, but your not really a huge fan yet.  I think it's due partially to the fact that your not really hungry after you nurse.
-This week you stood up out of bumbo.  You pretty much skipped the whole Bumbo seating and prefer to sit up in a swing/walker.

20 weeks
-This week we went to the Doctor and you have yet again, another ear infection in left ear.  Poor baby.
-Your very much obsessed with your brother and are always smiling and laughing at him.  Especially in the car, which is so cute watching the two of you interact.
-Your trying to put everything in your mouth 
-You've started rolling over at night and getting stuck (front to back) more often.  Hopefully this is just a phase that will end soon because mommy is tired of getting up during the middle of the night to roll you back over.  You don't cry when this happens, but you just start talking and playing which makes it very difficult for mommy to go to sleep when all this ruckus and commotion is going on in the monitor.
-Have I mentioned you like to laugh?  
-We can see 2 white tooth buds on the bottom of your gums.  They probably won't be in anytime soon, but their coming!

21 weeks 
-We stated cereal again this week, and you like it much better.  You will lean forward and try to eat it on your own which results in cereal up your nose. 
-Your on a consistent eating schedule right now.  Your day normally starts with you waking up at 7:00, talking to yourself and mommy has to go and put your paci back in so you'll go back to sleep for a little while.  Then you get up/eat around 8:15/8:30 and play in the floor on the mat.  Afternoons consist of time with Marmie and Grammy (and who knows what all you get into with the grandmoms....probably plenty of love/hugs/kisses.  Eat again around 12:30 and then 4:30.  Then in the evenings you are still napping from 6:30-8:30 and then eat again around 8:30.  Lastly, playtime with brother and daddy on the bed and some light reading.

So much fun and love watching you grow!

Pictures from your first cereal

Not too sure at first  

Tummy time!

Hangin out with Poppy at the baseball game

Cool Ray

Spring Break 2015 Pictures

Kipton's favorite thing was digging in the sand

Playing in your tent

The following is a series of selfies with Kipton at a playground in Gulf Shores

 "Happy Face"

"Angry Pirate Face"

"Silly face" . . . Kipton was distracted by mine

"Excited Face"

"Stick out your tongue"

"Sleepy Face"

Kipton's mushtace on the way home from the Beach

Kipton LOVED swimming in the indoor pool

Sweet Baby

"Show me your muscles!"

Playing at Poppy's Baseball game

Your new favorite thing to do is hang out outside.  
(Probably because you were never able to do this as a baby because it was freezing)

Below are pictures sitting in your walker outside watching brother play ball


Easter 2015

Easter Egg Hunt at Mayfair

Reynolds Boys


Playing with Kip's new puzzle


Sweet Boys

Kip and Pawpaw

Hunting for eggs at the farm

Found some with Chocolate in them

Racing Pawpaw

Farm Boy

All the pretty horses